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Kim Jang Hoon Fined 1 Million KRW for Smoking on Airplane

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Singer Kim Jang Hoon (51) was caught smoking in the bathroom during a flight and was informally accused of the crime. He was on board an airplane departing from France and heading toward Incheon, Korea. The Incheon District Prosecutor’s Office revealed that the singer was informally indicted on January 19 due to violating aviation laws and has been fined 1 million KRW (approximately 918 USD). The crime occurred on December 15 around 12:30pm on a Korean Air flight flying from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. When he smoked, the cigarette warning light came on and the crew checked the bathroom. During his interrogation, the singer explained, “My concert got cancelled and I was under a lot of stress,” and, “I smoked because I felt anxiety because of my panic disorder.” On January 14, a prosecution committee of 10 citizens unanimously voted for the singer to be charged informally with his punishment. The prosecution official further explained, “Since he was a first-time offender and apologized immediately, the prosecution decided on an informal charge.” Kim Jang Hoon has since apologized through his Facebook on January 20, "My apology is late. I am sorry. I committed a sin because of  an issue I was dealing with. There is no excuse and I can only apologize. I am also sorry to broadcast programs and events that I was supposed to attend because it seems unlikely now. I apologize for the inconveniences I have caused. I am even more sorry about not apologizing and revealing what happened to you before the authorities did. I buried the incident as I was busy with concerts and life. I will do my best to live properly and balance my mind and heart." Source (1)(2)

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