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Singer Kim Woo Joo Indicted for Avoiding Military Service by Claiming to Be Mentally Ill and Seeing Ghosts

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Singer Kim Woo Joo was indicted for deliberately avoiding obligatory military service. Since March of 2012, Kim Woo Joo visited a psychiatrist claiming that he was seeing ghosts. While getting consultations from a doctor, he faked his mental illness and lied about having symptoms he did not have. To his psychiatrist, he claimed that he “started seeing ghosts eight years ago,” and that he “saw a ghost and fainted, and had to go to the emergency room.” As a result, he received a medical certificate which testified that he needed a year of medical and psychological treatment, which he gave to Military Manpower Administration and used it to avoid obligatory military service. However, an anonymous report and investigations proved that Kim Woo Joo had been lying about his symptoms. Update: The singer that was indicted for avoiding military service was reported to be Kim Woo Joo of hip hop group Old Time, and not a ballad singer with same name and age. The photo of the singer has been updated with different source. Source (1)

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