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The Finale: "Dad! Where Are We Going?" Episode 104

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After two years of up-and-down popularity, "Dad! Where Are We Going?" has just aired its final episode. (Rumors of season 3 have been wide and varied, but we don't know for sure what the future holds.) Fitting for a grand finale, the final installment of the origin of celebrity-father-and-kids shows ended with many tears and touching moments. The episode started by concluding the disguise series that was started last week. Ryu Jin, dressed as a witch, went to surprise his son Lim Chan Hyung. After finding out how grateful Chan Hyung is of the little things that his dad prepares for him (like fireworks on the beach or hot cocoa on the mountain), Chan Hyung finally catches on and recognizes his dad behind the oversized glasses and witch hat. DWAWG 011815 1 On the other hand, Sung Bin yells, "It's dad!" the moment she sees her father Sung Dong Il. When she hears her dad's voice, she's 100% certain. Sung Dong Il never got to ask Bin about her true feelings, but nonetheless, he's touched that his daughter recognized him right away. DWAWG 011815 2 Dinner is abundant and looking ridiculously delicious, thanks to both the fact that the staff provided ingredients for the last dinner and that the fathers have improved their cooking tremendously throughout the season(s). DWAWG 011815 3DWAWG 011815 4 Before going to sleep, each of the families have a time for heart-to-hearts. Some test the children's growth - both physically and mentally - and others make their sons cry one last time with silly jokes. (Kim Sung Joo and Kim Min Yool... cough.) DWAWG 011815 5Jung Woong In ends up crying with his daughter Jung Se Yoon. DWAWG 011815 6 The next morning, Kim Sung Joo makes Min Yool cry... again. In contrast, Ryu Jin prepares a birthday breakfast and a surprise for Chan Hyung's birthday. Through this show, some have learned to grow for their child; others have learned to grow like their child. DWAWG 011815 7DWAWG 011815 8 Some haven't learned at all, as Sung Dong Il is still sleeping in while his children don't get breakfast. Bin resorts to going to Ahn Ri Hwan's house, where Ahn Jung Hwan cooks for both of them. After breakfast, all of the fathers head back to their individual housing to pack up and go home. There, they all find a laptop waiting for them. It's a slideshow of how much their children have grown over the past year or two throughout their trips together. (It's been two years for members of both seasons, like Yoon Min Soo and Yoon Hoo!) After the slideshow, the screen asks if they think they've grown as a father. They are asked to rate themselves as a father out of 100 points. When they each insert the score they think they deserve, the screen cuts to a video of their child. They read heartfelt letters to their dads: "I think you're 100/infinity points," "I want to be just like you," "I love you." DWAWG 011815 9 Tears fall before the children join their dads in person. They deliver letters they have individually hand written, and more tears fall (viewers included). DWAWG 011815 10 They gather one last time for the final closing, where the children exchange farewell gifts. The dads give their children one last fun present. DWAWG 011815 11DWAWG 011815 12 A final picture and it's time to go home. DWAWG 011815 13DWAWG 011815 14 This ends season 2 and the show "Dad! Where Are We Going?" I will miss watching these adorable children and even more adorable dads every single Sunday. I will especially miss watching all of them grow - all twelve members. With a heavy heart and hopes for a return of the show (season 3 please!), I end the final highlights for "Dad! Where Are We Going?" [tv]Watch the final episode of Dad! Where Are We Going? on SoompiTV![/tv]

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