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Yura Constantly Wears Her "WGM" Couple Ring and Keeps in Contact with Hong Jong Hyun outside of Recording

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Yura revealed that she continues her virtual marriage life with Hong Jong Hyun outside of MBC's “We Got Married” recordings by wearing her couple ring outside of the set. During an interview with Daily Sport, Yura opened up about her pleasant marriage life with her husband. When asked about how she was enjoying her honeymoon life, she said, “It’s going along really well. See, I’m still wearing the ring,” while pointing out her couple ring. She also wore couple shoes, saying, “I wear it around a lot since I bought it with my money. I trust that Hong Jong Hyun will be frequently wearing his as well.” Yura also added that she contacts her husband outside the set. “We may not contact each other 24/7, but when there is something special or if the other partner is on TV, we reach out for each other. He contacts me when my group wins first place on music ranking shows or when its cold to warn me not to catch a cold.” Yura had firm values set for after her marriage, saying that she would continue as friends with Hong Jong Hyun. “Even if this is a virtual marriage, we should still continue our friendship. It’s not like a total breakup just because the program is over. We’d still contact each other,” she said. Meanwhile, Yura also happily said that she was not a victim to negative comments, which many “We Got Married” women participants suffer from. “Hong Jong Hyun’s fans cheer me on as well,” she commented. [tv]Watch We Got Married on SoompiTV[/tv]

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