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Man Crush Monday: "Save the Last Dance for Me's" Kang Hyun Woo

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Ah... "Save the Last Dance for Me." This drama always brings back fond memories as another oldie but goodie. As someone who enjoys a good melodrama, what's not to love about it?! Well... Okay. There were some factors to this 2004 drama that were borderline unbearable or outright tacky (the unexpectedly bad and completely unnecessary hurdle for our poor OTP that took up a whole forty minutes in the last episode, anyone?), but there were plenty of positive things too. The superb acting of the entire cast was definitely one of those positive things. The amazing OST was another. Let's not forget the touching love story between our Man Crush Monday's Kang Hyun Woo and the love of his two lives, Ji Eun Soo. But quite possibly the best throw-me-ten-years-back reason for the beauty of "Save the Last Dance for Me" comes from the fairytale of Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young. After all, while their love certainly wasn't meant to be in the drama (thank goodness for that!), they were definitely fated to fall in love off screen. Awww! ­­Before I get too off topic though, let's talk about Kang Hyun Woo and five reasons why he's this week's Man Crush Monday. (Spoilers ahead!)

1. He's passionate.

MCM_KangHyunWoo_Passionate From the get-go in the first episode, we already see how Kang Hyun Woo is passionate about the things he loves. He purposefully avoids going home because he knows his freedom is limited there. Had it not been for the lies he was told about his father's deteriorating health, Kang Hyun Woo would never have stepped foot back in Korea. Additional proof of his strong will is his vehement proclamation that he will never give up his photography, no matter what, despite his father's insistence and constant pressure. And even though he knows it'll anger his parents, he spoke highly about his love for photography to his soon-to-be-fiancee's parents, explaining that it was merely a hobby at first that turned into a fascination for more. He was even a second year student in the photography major at a university in New York. This startled everyone at the dinner table, even Yoon Soo Jin, because then there would be no one to take over the company in which all four parental figures are a large part of.

2. Kang Hyun Woo is romantically creative!

MCM_KangHyunWoo_Romantically And sweet! And cute! I mean, painstakingly building a birdhouse by hand and carefully painting it to perfection just to store secret love letters in it? Come on! He's a total taker! Talk about building a love nest... Ha! But not only that, he actually does write love letters to Ji Eun Soo. It's not just for show! And who could forget the couple necklace he gave her? "This is the pact under the tree. Even if I can't get my memory back, no, even if I remember and return to the unfamiliar reality, I will love you forever. I'll never leave you. I promise." Awww~

3. He's cat-like.

MCM_KangHyunWoo_Cat I don't know about you, but I would love it if those close to me had nine lives like a cat! Kang Hyun Woo manages to survive fully intact even after getting stabbed, thrown down the side of a cliff, beaten on numerous occasions, hit by a car, and even kidnapped - kind of. He even escaped from getting ran over by another car meant to kill him due to an interference and practically got crushed by a large ice sculpture. All in all, his survival rate is probably sky high compared to everyone else and, hey, that totally works for me! There's nothing quite like a guy who can survive through anything... and plus, luck always seems to be on his side, eh?

4. Kang Hyun Woo can bake like a pro.

MCM_KangHyunWoo_Bake Okay, now I'm positive that he's simply a figment of our imaginations. All these positive qualities already and he can bake?! Does that mean he can cook too? According to Ji Eun Soo, he's quite the chef around the kitchen. I mean, just look at the determination on his face and the hard work he put into making someone happy with such a nice birthday surprise. Sometimes, it's really the little qualities like this that truly makes a man so appealing.

5. He's a perfect balance of hot and cold.

MCM_KangHyunWoo_HotCold Kang Hyun Woo isn't cold without a reason. Neither does he burn for just anyone. He lashes out when he's unsettled and confused, but he never intentionally hurts anyone. He's upfront and honest. He seeks justice for wrongdoings. He's easily distraught but can viciously cut into someone with his sharp words. He's soft at certain moments and firm when necessary. Kang Hyun Woo is both ying and yang and he's entirely perfect just the way he is. He's, well, he's definitely all male and I totally enjoy spending my time looking at him. Ha ha. So, what did you think about Kang Hyun Woo? Was he as crush worthy to you as he was to me? Let me know in the comments below! As per usual, here is your reminder to nominate the men who have stolen your heart for February's Mystery Reveal. One of the best ways to make your crush known is to give a public confession, so let's do it, Soompiers! He he.

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