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Lee Da Hee Confidently Reveals Her Height and Weight on “Real Men”

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Actress Lee Da Hee revealed her height and weight on MBC’s “Real Men.” During the January 18 broadcast of the female soldier special of “Real Men,” Lee Da Hee sat down to fill out an information sheet. When it came to writing down her weight, she squirmed a little before writing down “51 kg (112 lbs).” However, her conscience seemed to be in a dilemma. “Eh, the information’s going to get out anyway,” she said before she changed the number to “54kg (118 lbs).” She then turned to camera and confessed, “That’s right. I’m 176 cm (5’ 9”) tall and 54 kg (118 lbs).” The female soldier special also featured Kim Ji Young, Park Ha Sun, Kang Ye Won, Ahn Young Mi, Lee Ji Ae, A Pink’s Yoon Bo Mi, and f(x)’s Amber. Lee Da Hee Reveals Height and Weight

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