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Han Ji Hye and Ha Seok Jin Share a Sweet Kiss In “The Legendary Witch” Stills

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Stills of Moon Soo In (Han Ji Hye) and Nam Woo Seok (Ha Seok Jin) from “The Legendary Witch” show the couple with their heads lowered awkwardly and sharing a careful kiss. In the episode, Nam Woo Seok is hoping to regain lost memories of his childhood but is disappointed. In his disappointment, he asks Moon Soo In, who he just started to date, to comfort him. In response, she answers, “Should we go get a drink? Should we go watch a movie?” He then grabs her by the waist and hugs her tightly. He asks her to warm up his cold heart and kisses her. They share a kiss under the soft light of a street lamp. Before filming the scene, Han Ji Hye and Ha Seok Jin talked about the logistics of carrying out the kiss scene and often burst into laughter. Once they started filming, however, they concentrated on their roles and finished filming smoothly. A staff member shared, “The kiss scene was filmed under the lamp where Nam Woo Seok piggybacked a drunk Moon Soo In earlier. This was the first time since we started filming that Han Ji Hye smiled brightly. There were a few times when they burst into shy laughter and caused bloopers while filming the kiss scene, but Ha Seok Jin led them well.” legendary witch kiss [tv]Watch The Legendary Witch on Soompi TV![/tv]

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