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Big Byung Releases New MV "Ojingeo Doenjang"

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Big Byung, project boy group from MBC Every1’s “Hyungdon and Daejun’s Hitmaker," have released their new music video for "Ojingeo Doenjang." Ojingeo translates to squid while deonjang means soybean paste. Members Dol Baegi (VIXX's N), Wang Kong (GOT7's Jackson), Hyuk Ddi (VIXX's Hyuk), and Yook Duck (BTOB's Yook Sungjae) are hilarious in their follow up of previous hit "Stress Come On." The boys can be seen wiggling their arms and being silly while singing about being squids. The word squid is a slang term referring to individuals who don't look as attractive when they are next to a more attractive person. Proudly, the boys declare they have no shame in being squids. Doenjang is used in the slang word "doenjang woman" which can be translated to meaning a high maintenance woman. The song criticizes people who care too much about what other people think. The humorous lyrics are upbeat and remind viewers to not care excessively about the opinions of others. The show had previously declared that the second music video of the group would boast a higher budget and filming would be held in Macao. The boys filmed in a studio and CG effects show backgrounds of popular locations in Macao. Promises for a free fan signing event, free hug event, and a mini concert were made if the music video exceeds 1.5 million views. Check out their music video, you can even turn on English subtitles!

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