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Jinu Apologizes for Holding Back Sean from Going on Stage; Jinusean Promises Comeback during Interview with Tablo

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Hip hop duo Jinusean participated in a concert hosted by MBC FM4U’s “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio” called “Make a Wish,” which was taken place on January 16. Jinusean performed songs “A-yo,” “Phone Number,” and “Tell Me.” During an interview with Tablo, Sean shared, “I had no idea we would be showing up at ‘Tablo’s Dreaming Radio.’” Tablo replied, “When I was young I listened to Jinusean’s album and realized how cool rappers are, and wanted to become one. Then when I heard that Sean was getting married, I thought to myself ‘If I become a rapper, I can get married to an actress [like Sean did],” making the audience laugh. Tablo then asked how Jinusean decided to participate in “Infinity Challenge” special “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer.” Sean answered, “I received the call [from "Infinity Challenge"], and at the time, I was worried Jinu would not want to go on stage. I thought through it for a long time wondering what would happen if I went on stage alone for the ‘Jinusean’ stage.” He then added, “Going into filming for ‘Saturday Saturday Is a Singer,’ I called Jinu and told him, ‘Teenagers these days think that I'm a community service worker. What are you gonna do about that, huh?’” Thinking about the phone call, Jinu confessed, “I felt really bad. He had been wanting to go onstage but wasn’t able to because of me.” When Tablo asked, “Are you really planning for a comeback?” Sean answered, “Jinu has been [active] lately so we’ve been talking about it. I think it’s very possible.” Meanwhile, many hip hop artists participated in “Make a Wish” including Epik High, Jinusean, Loco, Gray, The Quiett, Dok2, and more. The recording of "Make a Wish" will be broadcast on January 19.

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