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Photos of Yeo Jin Goo's Pictorial Revealed; Talks about His School Life in an Interview


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On January 15, actor Yeo Jin Goo was interviewed for his new movie “Shoot My Heart,” along with the director and writer of the movie, at a restaurant in Twege-ro, Seoul. When asked about his school life, he answered, “I am a senior in high school already! It doesn’t feel good to be a senior. School subjects aren’t as easy as they used to be in middle school. Studying at a filming set used to be enough for me in middle school, but I can't study [like that] for high school. It feels like my studies betrayed me.” Yeo Jin Goo, who does not have a smart phone yet, also talked about how he manages with a 2G phone. He shared, “It isn’t uncomfortable at all. I don’t even search for news articles anyways. I feel weird whenever I look at my friends staring into their smartphones all day. Because I don’t have a smartphone, I end up observing them, and it isn’t a nice feeling.” He then added, “Although a 2G phone isn’t particularly uncomfortable to use, people around me always tell me off by saying, ‘Please pick up [my] phone calls.'” The interviewer also asked him who his favorite K-pop girl group was these days and he replied, “I don’t know what kind of girl groups is popular these days. Recently though, I started listening to the 90’s music thanks to ‘Saturday Saturday Is a Singer’ special of ‘Infinity Challenge.’ I always liked the 90’s music, but these days I’ve been listening to it more often.” Moreover, Yeo Jin Goo participated in a photo shoot with ARENA recently in the midst of a busy schedule. The staff of the photo shoot shared that Yeo Jin Goo was playful and active throughout the whole shoot. Meanwhile, Yeo Jin Goo is coming back to big screen with his new movie “Shoot My Heart” on January 28. Yeo Jin Goo2

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