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EXO’s Kai Leaves Heartfelt Message of Thanks for Fans

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EXO member Kai recently left a long, heartfelt thank you message for fans on EXO-L’s official homepage. On January 16, Kai wrote a post titled, “It’s excited and happy Kai of EXO,” which reads: “Hello. This is excited and happy Kai of EXO. Everyone~~~ I’ve missed you~~~ Ahh, breathless, I’m out of breath..sigh. My birthday and now the Daesang (Golden Disk Awards). I couldn’t not come to the official homepage [after that]. I’ve run over at once to share my joyful and happy heart with everyone. From the birthday wishes at the airport, to the internet birthday video messages, the countless letters, and finally this awesome Daesang birthday present as the highlight. This year’s birthday is a happy one filled with all of you. EXO-L did it all. I really think I am a lucky person. It’s because I always feel limitlessly loved by EXO-L. Are EXO-L also able to feel my feelings? I will work even harder so that I don’t lose to all of your love. I will love you more!! Everyone, it’s the new year! Make a promise with me this year. Since it’s the new year, let’s start from a blank slate. And one by one, as if you’re drawing a picture, draw your days. At the end of the year, let’s check what kind of picture we’ve drawn together. I believe that any picture drawn with EXO-L will be a beautiful one. EXO-L! Let’s also spend this year joyfully and happily. You know that I always love and care for you, right? I trust that you know~ Then bye for now~~~ P.s. A selca explosion to repay the birthday wishes (I wrote this in a happy state so I don’t know what I’ve written.)” Along with this post, Kai uploaded a series of selcas displaying various facial expressions as a small gift for fans.

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