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Manager of Ladies' Code Sentenced to a Year and Two Months of Imprisonment

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Park, the manager that drove girl group Ladies’ Code’s car when it got into an accident, was sentenced to a year and two months of imprisonment. On September 3 of 2014, Ladies’ Code’s car got into a tragic accident, and two of the members, EunB and RiSe, passed away. At the time, Polaris Entertainment denied that they were at fault but the driver was arrested and was under investigation for speeding. After looking at CCTVs that filmed the accident, the investigative agency concluded that the manager was at fault for driving over the speed limit. Going 135.7 km per hour, which was over the speed limit by 55.7 km per hour, the car slid on the rainy day and crashed into a wall. The Judge stated, "According to the defendant's confession and more evidences, [the manager] was judged to be guilty of all charges."

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