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Polaris Entertainment Issues Official Statement Regarding Clara's Lawsuit and Sexual Harassment Claim

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Entertainment company Polaris Entertainment has issued their official statement regarding Clara's lawsuit claiming sexual harassment. Previously, Clara filed a lawsuit against Polaris for a full contract release, citing that she has been sexually harassed by Polaris CEO Lee, who sent her multiple texts of a sexual nature. Read the full statement from Polaris here: "After we signed a contract with Clara last year, there were multiple instances where she breached the contract. She did not comply after we brought it up with her and requested corrections, and we had to send her various evidence that proved her misdemeanors. "When she came to us asking for a contract release and we did not comply, she threatened us, accusing us of sexual harassment. She even sued us. When we filed for a criminal prosecution, she also retaliated with a civil suit. "Clara is already under investigation and her father Lee Seung Kyu is also under investigation as an accomplice. If Clara's claims were true, she should have gone for a criminal prosecution [against the CEO]. However, as there is a potential for libel, she has decided to go with a civil suit. What she stated as sexual harassment is not true at all. They are malicious threats against the company CEO, abusing his honorable nature. "Before the lawsuits, when we told her that we would fine her if she continued to breach our contract, she responded with a request for contract release citing sexual harassment. She told us that she would notify the police if we did not comply. "When we told her to apologize for threatening us with lies, Clara came to the agency in tears, asking for forgiveness, and told us that the claims she had made were not true and were fabricated to end her contract. "Although we wished to quietly continue to work with Clara without revealing anything, as we sincerely were concerned for her further entertainment activities, she has proceeded with her civil suit. Thus we were left with no choice but to come forward with the truth in order to protect the company and our artists' images." Source: (1) See also: Clara Files Lawsuit against Agency for Contract Release, Citing Sexual Harassment

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