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GLAM's Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon Sentenced to Prison after Blackmailing Lee Byung Hun

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Model Lee Ji Yeon and girl group GLAM's member Kim Dahee have received their sentences for blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun. On January 15, the sentence was decided for the two women who blackmailed Lee Byung Hun. On this day, the Justice Department sentenced Lee Ji Yeon to one year and two months in prison, and Dahee to one year in prison. The Department of Justice said, "[The two women] are guilty of their charges. However, neither of them have criminal records and the situation did not carry through. The video was not released to the public, and the crime was not carefully contemplated, nor did it seem like they appreciated the gravity of their actions. However, even if [Lee Byung Hun] had made inappropriate sexual jokes during a meeting with alcohol involved, they filmed the interaction secretly and threatened him for money. This caused emotional distress to the victim and with the unconfirmed, one-sided statements, the victim suffered significantly from public criticism. Lee Ji Yeon was in a relationship with the victim, and caused even more damage by claiming that she was the victim of sexual harassment." They added, "Although the defendants submitted letters of apology, they did not show their sincerity in apologizing for their behavior in their relationship with the victim. Because that counts against them, it is impossible to avoid imprisonment. The victim, as a celebrity, is a man with a family but engaged in sexual jokes and expressed his interest in them, who are much younger women. It is important to consider their ages and circumstances in the assessment." According to police, Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee met Lee Byung Hun through a mutual friend, and after showing Lee Byung Hun a part of an inappropriate video, they demanded five billion won, while Lee Byung Hun immediately reported this to police. The two women were arrested in last September. The victim and plaintiff, Lee Byung Hun, is currently in the United States with his wife and actress Lee Min Jung. Source: (1)

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