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Jung Joon Ha Says He Sometimes Fainted While Trying to Lose 30 kg For "Infinity Challenge" Project

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In MBC’s Radio Star, Jung Joon Ha talked about the time he went on a diet to lose 30 kg (around 66 lb) for a special project in “Infinity Challenge.” MC Yoon Jong Shin brought up the topic by saying, “[When he lost 30kg] he kept on sending me pictures of himself wearing underwear only.” Lee Dae Ho, a baseball player currently in Nippon Professional Baseball League, added, “He looked 30 years older after losing 30 kg,” and poked fun at him. Jung Joon Ha confessed, “I was [often] dizzy during the diet. I got light-headed very often, and one time while I was grocery shopping, I actually fainted. But luckily, I fainted in front of the section where they sell nuts, so I begged [a lady] for six almonds. After eating that, I was revived.” He also added, “Another time I went to Psy’s concert and Psy yelled, ‘Scream for 7 seconds!’ So along with the fans I screamed. But while I was [screaming] I fainted for a moment. It felt as if I was under water and couldn’t hear anything. I almost died.” Jung Joon Ha3 After listening to his story Kim Goo Ra sarcastically remarked, “Being part of ‘Infinity Challenge’ is so hard,” and asked, “How did Yoo Jae Suk encourage you [during the diet]?” Jung Joon Ha answered, “Yoo Jae Suk actually told me off by saying, ‘Why are you even doing this?’” making everyone burst into laughter. Meanwhile, despite No Hong Chul and Jung Joon Ha’s efforts to lose incredible amounts of weight for the project, their plans to go to Milano as a fashion model unfortunately did not fall through.

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