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SM on EXO's Teaser: "It Is Absolutely Not Plagiarism"

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While EXO is under fire for possible plagiarism for its teaser video, VM Production, the company that produced the video, has stated, "It is absolutely not plagiarism." VM production said on January 14 to local news source OSEN, "We paid for the material in question and got permission to use it from the graphic artists, and it is definitely not plagiarism." They then made an update on the issue, saying, "We have contacted the artists and have taken appropriate action. The video can now be streamed normally on YouTube." SM Entertainment itself had also made a statement earlier, saying, "EXO's comeback teaser video was made professionally to be revealed on December 3 of last year during the 'MAMA' award ceremonies. We have asked VM Production, who made the video, to quickly resolve the issue, and we will try to make the EXO comeback teaser video be available normally." They added, "It's too bad that this happened over a month into the video being released," and that "As for the current case of illegally writing and distributing content that was not confirmed, we will be looking into legal action." This comes in response to a claim made by Swedish designer Erik Söderberg, who stated on his blog, "Please be aware that some of the motion graphics art pieces in the video 'EXO 2015 COMING SOON' were used without permission from the original artists." The video was taken down in response to the plagiarism claim for some time afterwards. However, it is now back up and available or viewing. Source: (1) (2)

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