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Malay Girls Hugged at B1A4 Fan Meeting to Be Investigated; May Serve Jail Time

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After the mayhem on the internet regarding the incident at B1A4’s fan meeting, it was reported that four Malay girls, who re-enacted scenes from drama “The Heirs” with members of B1A4, will be investigated by JAWI (Federal Territories Islamic Department). The president of JAWI stated that the girls in the video were “inappropriate” and going against the teachings of Islam by “[disturbing] the sensitivities of Muslims in [Malaysia].” JAWI announced that the girls should come to the office and clarify what happened in the fan meeting. If the girls do not comply, they are to arrest the girls in question, who may be imprisoned for up to six months and/or be fined with up to 1,000 RM. B1A4 fan meeting Moreover, some Malay netizens are mocking K-pop, as well as the girls who “let themselves be touched” by the K-pop group by calling them “indecent” and to be “shaming Islam.” At first, Sukan Star TV reported the happenings by uploading a video that was titled “Malay Girls Molested on Stage By K-pop Men Last Night.” After the video was dispersed all over the internet through various social networking websites, one netizen commented that the girls “acted like prostitutes,” and another said that, if given the chance, the girls would “sleep in the same bed” with K-pop singers. The most popular comment in one of the articles says that the commenter wishes JAWI would arrest not only the girls, but “all the responsible parents of the girls,” as well. Meanwhile, there are also netizens who are taking the side of the girls, claiming that women in hijab hold hands with men on TV all the time. A spokesperson of NGO called Sisters in Islam accused the inconsistency of JAWI, and that there are Muslim couples seen in public holding hands, and actresses playing roles that “require physical contact” with male actors. Source (1) (2) (3)

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