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Woman Crush Wednesday: January's Mystery Reveal


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Ah... I'm impressed! We came into January's Mystery Reveal for our Woman Crush Wednesday segment with a total of nine nominations. Nine! That's a new record! I'm super excited by this news and can only hope that our February edition will set another record. Would that be too much to ask? He he he. These nine nominations came from our December's Mystery Reveal, which was Cheon Song Yi from "My Love from the Stars," Ahn Hye Young from "Surplus Princess," Yoo Jung Hwa from "Angel Eyes," Kim Yon Soo from "Beautiful Days," and Jamie from "Liar Game." As always, repeat nominations were accepted as long as they came from different Soompiers on the same article or the same Soompiers in different articles. Without further ado, let's take a look at those nominees. WCW_Mystery_SelectionProcess And our first mystery woman of 2015 is... WCW_Mystery_LeeYooShin Lee Yoo Shin from "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin!" Wow. I'm honestly shocked by this. I was so certain that Oh Jin Hee from "Emergency Couple" would be our lucky winner since she had such a high chance of getting selected, which meant that I'd have to emergency marathon the entire drama since I haven't had the opportunity to watch it yet. It's quite unfortunate that she wasn't chosen since I'm sure with her multiple nominations, she is bound to be incredibly crush worthy. Still, I have no doubt that Oh Jin Hee will eventually make it onto our Woman Crush Wednesday list. Lee Yoo Shin, on the other hand, was a character I frequently felt frustrated with because of her initial harsh treatment towards her younger sister, Lee Soon Shin, and her often spoiled and bratty attitude as the middle sibling. Fortunately, she was able to slowly win me over as her tough, icy demeanor gave way to a bit more warmth. I didn't exactly love her to the moon and back, but she certainly had crush worthy aspects, admirable traits, and a lot of my respect in the end. Let's take a look at five of those aspects. (Spoilers ahead!)

1. Lee Yoo Shin is a successful career woman.

WCW_Mystery_LeeYooShin_Career Not only is Lee Yoo Shin good at what she does, it's clear that she loves her job as well. She manages a team where mutual respect and consideration is key. She gets along with them and they, in turn, are hardworking, loyal, and professional workers. Lee Yoo Shin is also logical, intelligent, and thoughtful, which also aids her greatly when it pertains to her job of marketing sports fashion. It's a wonderful arrangement and a steady source of income. In fact, she adores her job so much that even while pregnant, she's still working for as long as she can before taking her maternity leave. Now that's dedication!

2. She's fierce.

WCW_Mystery_LeeYooShin_Fierce I know I said this was what made me dislike her in the beginning, but I also think that having a certain level of fierceness is a necessity as a woman and Lee Yoo Shin has just the right amount. When it's aimed at the appropriate target with good reason rather than an already wounded soul with the sole purpose of tearing them down, having an attitude can go a long way. By possessing that level of aggression, Lee Yoo Shin protects herself from being taken advantage of by others. It proves that she's not a doormat for others to step on and the fact that she never takes ill treatment and disrespect without a strong reaction makes me proud of her sassy boldness.

3. Lee Yoo Shin is completely filial.

WCW_Mystery_LeeYooShin_Filial When her father passed away, Lee Yoo Shin immediately stepped into the role of a son by taking responsibility of family duties without a second thought. When she found out her mother was working difficult jobs in order to support the family and pay severe debt, Lee Yoo Shin wordlessly took out her entire bankbook and handed it to her mother. She never thought twice, as if giving her entire life's savings to her mother to pay someone else's debt was the most natural situation in the world. Taking it one step further, Lee Yoo Shin almost took it as an insult when her mother refused her money by asking if it was because she thought her incapable of supporting her family. If that's not filial, then I don't know what is. It's clear to me that, despite her frequent sharpness and angry outbursts, she was raised well.

4. She can be sweet. 

WCW_Mystery_LeeYooShin_Sweet Wow. What a difference a marriage can make! Lee Yoo Shin went from ice cold to cavity sweet towards Park Chan Woo and the change in demeanor is more than welcomed! From cruelly rejecting and embarrassing him to calling him "honey" and smiling sweetly, it's like looking at someone completely new. Did Lee Yoo Shin have a secret twin hidden somewhere? Her attitude towards her own family and her in-laws also went through some changes and Lee Yoo Shin became someone who simply oozed sugar from her every pore. That doesn't mean she lost her fiery streak though, it's just buried beneath all those newly formed layers of candy until it's needed.

5. Lee Yoo Shin is vulnerable.

WCW_Mystery_LeeYooShin_Vulnerable This is, perhaps, the biggest reason why Lee Yoo Shin won me over in the end. It wasn't until I learned to read between the lines that I realized Lee Yoo Shin was a very vulnerable woman. Beneath her tough exterior is her uncertainties, her self doubts, and her protective barrier to prevent herself from getting hurt. For each moment she lashed out, it was a silent plea for others to pay attention, to dig just a little deeper and discover her hidden fears. She felt insignificant compared to Lee Soon Shin because their parents' attention were always focused on her younger sister. She took advantage of the thought that Park Chan Woo would always be by her side until that notion became threatened, but she chose to push him away instead of embracing him to prevent herself from getting hurt. She's afraid of not being good enough, of not being loved, and of not being worthy... and it is in these moments that Lee Yoo Shin needed someone more than ever, which is why I was glad that Park Chan Woo persisted and finally broke through that steel barrier, which allowed her to fully open herself up to truly live and be happy.

Bonus Reason

WCW_Mystery_LeeYooShin_Bonus Lee Yoo Shin is always so impeccably dressed and well put together. I absolutely love her fashion sense and the way she presents herself with confidence and elegance. Can I just have her wardrobe?! What did you think about Lee Yoo Shin? Which reason was your favorite? Did I accidentally leave out one of her great traits? Let me know in the comments below! Also, don't forget to nominate those woman crushes for February's Mystery Reveal - it's right around the corner! [tv]Catch Lee Yoo Shin's transition from cold to hot in You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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