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g.o.d's Park Joon Hyung Reveals He Developed Claustrophobia Because of Racist Bullying

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On the January 13th broadcast of SBS reality TV show “Roommate,” Otani Ryohei, Lee Dong Wook, and g.o.d's Park Joon Young spent quality time together in the yard of their share house. Lee Dong Wook asked his roommates, “What do you want to overcome in 2015?” Park Joon Young opened up about his personal struggles, “Everyone has at least one phobia. I have one too. Whenever I put a blanket over me or am in a cramped space, I feel stifled.” He revealed how his claustrophobia developed, “During P.E. at school, they would have blanket-like things on the floor. The kids would put me under the blanket and beat me.” Lee Dong Wook asked, “They were just playing around, right?” “No, they weren’t playing around. It had to do with racism,” Park Joon Young explained. park joon hyung

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