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Director of Movie "Gangnam 1970" Reveals That Lee Min Ho and Kim Ji Soo's Sex Scene Was Edited Out

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In a press conference, the director of movie “Gangnam 1970” revealed that a sex scene of Lee Min Ho and Kim Ji Soo was cut out during the editing of the movie. On January 13, a press conference was held for the upcoming movie “Gangnam 1970” at CGV Theater in Seoul Wangship-ri. Staff and actors of the movie, including director Yoo Ha, Lee Min Ho, and Kim Rae Won, participated in the press conference. While talking about Lee Min Ho’s character, Jong Dae, director Yoo Ha commented, “Jong Dae is in love with Sun Hye (played by Seolhyun) but is [unable to confess] his feelings in [knowing] that if he does, his family will break apart. So he keeps his feelings to himself.” He then added, “Jong Dae approaches Madam Min (played by Kim Ji Su) because he thinks of her as the means to deal with his lust. Although it was edited out, they even filmed a sex scene together.” However, the scene was cut out due to the conclusion that it is not necessary for the movie's story line. Gangnam 1970 Meanwhile, “Gangnam 1970” is about two men in 1970's Seoul struggling with greed, loyalty, and betrayal in the midst of Gangnam’s industrial development. The movie will release on January 21.

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