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“I’ve Never Failed at Dating” Says Lee Seung Gi

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Actor Lee Seung Gi revealed that he has never failed to date a girl in an interview with TV Report. “I’m not shy when it comes to loving someone,” said the actor. He went on further to explain, “Truth be told, I’m a little reckless when it comes to displaying affection.” However, he also wanted to clarify his feelings for someone were not casual but sincere. “I think really hard about how I feel and make sure that I really have sincere feelings for a girl before I confess my love for her,” he said. “Every time I approached a girl with the intent of dating, I was never rejected. So I guess you can say my success rate is pretty high when it comes to dating,” laughed Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seung Gi will be playing the role Kang Jun Soo, who mindlessly does everything girls ask of him, in the upcoming film, “Today’s Love.” The film is expected to premiere in theatres on January 14.

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