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"Valid Love" Female Viewers Swoon at the Evolution of Lee Soo Hyuk's Shoulders

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Lee Soo Hyuk is alluring female viewers with his wide shoulders while playing the role of a carpenter in tvN drama “Valid Love." In order to accurately depict the career of a professional carpenter, Lee Soo Hyuk showed his passion for the drama by studying carpentering in advance. He also prepared his physical state as well by fitting his body to match one of a carpenter. By flashing his torso in his first scene, he succeeded in immediately capturing the attention of female viewers. [caption id="attachment_689587" align="alignnone" width="480"]lee soo hyuk 3 Lee Soo Hyuk during his modeling days.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_689591" align="alignnone" width="480"]lee soo hyuk 2 Lee Soo Hyuk in "King of High School"[/caption] Accordingly, many are now interested in Lee Soo Hyuk’s fit body. The evolution of Lee Soo Hyuk’s shoulders especially became the center of attention on websites. His trainer, too, was revealed, gaining sudden attention from the interested crowd. Kim Seung Hyun, who is known to be Lee Soo Hyuk’s trainer, is also in charge of many other celebrities such as Hong Jong Hyun, Kimg Young Kwang, and Seo In Gook. His strong relationship has led him to continue coaching Lee Soo Hyuk throughout his career from a model to an actor. He is also a contributor to the “Evolution of Lee Soo Hyuk’s shoulders.” For every role given, he has been in charge of guiding Lee Soo Hyuk in the right physical direction. Due to his guidance, Lee Soo Hyuk has been complimented several times for accurately expressing a carpenter. [caption id="attachment_689589" align="alignnone" width="530"]lee soo hyuk valid love Lee Soo Hyuk in "Valid Love."[/caption] Meanwhile, “Valid Love” tells the story the woman protagonist Kim Il Lee (Lee Si Young) who is in love with two men at the same time: her husband Jang Hee Tae (Uhm Tae Woong) who has to see his hopelessly romantic wife, and Kim Joon (Lee Soo Hyuk) who feels love for the first time towards Il Lee. It will be airing every Monday and Tuesday. [tv]See Lee Soo Hyuk's shoulders for yourself on Valid Love at SoompiTV[/tv]

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