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Highlights: "Birth of a Beauty" Episode 20

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It’s all finally coming together in episode 20 of “Birth of a Beauty.” The second-to-last episode brings back the old genius/ahjumma duo as they figure out how to finally take down Lee Kang Joon, Gyo Chae Yun, and Han Min Hyuk. This episode also brings the rest of the long-awaited revealing of Sa Ra’s past to the world, but leaves us wondering how our protagonists are going to legally fair on their end of what they did. 1. Sa Ra comes out of hiding and makes her stance clear to Han Min Hyuk. saraminhyukdeal_birthofabeauty After putting a plan of action in place with Han Tae Hee, Sa Ra goes to meet Han Min Hyuk and says that she will complete her contract. Pleased, he tries to tell her to do another press conference to do damage control for his image, but she makes it clear that she is only there to do what is asked of her in her contract. She will continue as the chef for Winner Food and the model for Winner Group because it’s the company’s image she wants to help, not his. 2. Han Min Hyuk gives negotiation one last try, but… taeheeminkhyukattack_ After seeing the flyer on the company billboard from Han Tae Hee that states that Han Min Hyuk stole the credit for Winner Food’s success for his own gain and that he, Han Tae Hee, will not let it go lightly, Han Min Hyuk approaches Sa Ra again. This time, however, he is much more forceful with his request for her to leave Han Tae Hee and stand by his side. When she rejects, he gets physical with her, but Han Tae Hee quickly returns and intervenes. 3. Sa Ra’s in-laws try to win back Sa Ra’s mercy with gifts and words. sarainlaws_birthofabeauty Sa Ra gets a call from her in-laws, asking her to meet up with them. When she arrives, Sa Ra is greeted with sweet words, sweet apologies, and gifts. They apologize for their past actions and beg for forgiveness. The women try asking for her to not reveal what Lee Kang Joon did to her, thinking of what would happen to themselves. But Sa Ra knows better. Before she leaves, she points out that they will never think of Sa Geum Ran as anything but as she was before. 4. Sa Ra reveals the attempted murder and Gyo Chae Yun’s involvement. chaeyunsarareveal_birthofabeauty The time has finally come. Sa Ra asks to be part of Gyo Chae Yun’s live talk show interview, but requests that the host not know right away. When Gyo Chae Yun does find out, she goes into clear distress, terrified about what Sa Ra is probably going to do. The time for the interview comes, and Gyo Chae Yun does her best to try and steer Sa Ra away from talking about her life, but Sa Ra stays strong. Sa Ra reveals almost everything: her name, her murderous husband, and accomplice Gyo Chae Yun. The media explodes with this new information, and it is clear that Gyo Chae Yun and Lee Kang Joon are officially ruined. 5. Sa Ra and Han Tae Hee track down Han Tae Hee’s attacker. sarataeheeattacker_birthofabeauty Part of the duo’s plan was to fish out Han Tae Hee’s attacker to pin down exactly who sent him. Using CCTV to identify the attacker and his license plate, Han Tae Hee is able to locate him. Staging a fake fender bender with the attacker’s car to draw him out, Han Tae Hee approaches the man and a short brawl ensues. However, the man is taken down and they take his phone. Later, Han Tae Hee sends out a group text to every contact in the man’s phone to fish out the real enemy. Director Kim falls into the trap and calls immediately, asking for an explanation. There is no reply on the duo’s end, but Han Tae Hee doesn’t quite recognize the voice. It’s familiar, but he just can’t put his finger on it. [tv]Catch the final episode of Birth of a Beauty Sunday night on SoompiTV![/tv]

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