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Jonghyun Says He Would Force Everyone to Vote for Him If Nominated for 1st Place

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SHINee member Jonghyun said he would ask those around him to vote for him if he was nominated for first place on a music show. “If I were to be nominated for first place, I would force everyone to vote for me,” joked Jonghyun during an interview with "Section TV." He went on to ask those around him, “You will vote for me, right?” He also discussed a dream he had with his manager. “I dreamt my manager and I were shot in the stomach,” said Jonghyun. “When I looked up what my dream meant, it wasn’t actually a nightmare, but a sign of good luck.” On the January 11 broadcast of “Section TV,” Jonghyun took the camera crew behind the scenes of his debut showcase. He also recently released a solo album, which will be available starting January 12 on online music sites and record stores. jonghyun

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