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INFINITE's Dongwoo Reveals His Underwear in "Laws of the Jungle"


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On the January 9 broadcast of “Laws of the Jungle in Costa Rica," INFINITE’s Dongwoo joined the cast and adapted well. He adapted so well, that he suddenly lowered his pants and revealed his underwear.

The reason for this? The rapper/singer wanted to dry his wet underwear while the fire was still burning. Despite being an idol singer, he didn’t worry about maintaining his image and proceeded to stick his butt close to the fire’s warmth. His cast members Ryu Dam and Park Jung Chul laughed heartily.

Then Dongwoo turned around and positioned himself so that he could dry the front part of his underwear. The guys continued to smiled and helped fan his butt to dry.

In related news, in order to cook the bananas more effectively, Dongwoo sensibly brought out the fans that his fans provided him with. The group was able to eat bananas deliciously. Everyone was impressed with how positive and cheerful he was.


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