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After School’s E-young and Ka Eun Have an Interview and Photoshoot with bnt International

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The youngest members of After School, E-young and Ka Eun, got some attention of their own through an interview and photoshoot with bnt international.

First, they shared what they have been busy with. “Since we were not promoting an album, we had a lot of individual time. I tried out songwriting and was in a band for fun” said E-young. Ka Eun shared, “We filmed to promote After School’s beauty book and as for my individual time, I went to school, studied diligently, and exercised regularly.”

The interviewer asked, “You two joined as new members into an existing group that had some members graduate. Did you find that burdensome in the beginning?” E-young revealed, “I didn’t know I was going to. The company suddenly informed me that I would be joining After School. I was worried that I would be a burden to the other members. I felt that I needed to become a member that is needed in the team. I didn’t want to hide behind the older members, rather I wanted to shine in my own unique way.” Ka Eun replied, “Rather than feeling like it was a burden, I was determined to work very hard so that I wouldn’t have to feel that way.”

Another interesting question was asked, “Which After School member takes care of you the best?” Both were hesitant to pick just one person, but E-young answered, “If I had to pick only one, I would pick Jungah.” Ka Eun responded, “If I had to pick only one, I would pick Raina. UEE, Jungah, and everyone is really great.” Then E-young remarked, “There’s one more member. Ka Eun. She really takes good care of me. Perhaps it’s because we are roommates, but she’s mature and I like her.” Ka Eun was pleased and said, “I’m touched. I think I’m going to shed tears.” They proceeded to compliment each other and their other members.

The cute pair continued to answer questions concerning their fans, debuting at a young age, people they want to work with in the future, role models, and more. Check out their stunning photos below!




Thanks to QueenYoung for the tip!

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