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YG Entertainment Strongly Protests against Derrick Bullock Using Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips" without Permission

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YG Entertainment revealed that they are confronting American pop singer named Derrick Bullock, who recently used Taeyang’s hit song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” without permission. The company warned music downloading websites to stop selling the song that Derrick Bullock released and went on to take action pertaining to the use of Taeyang's hit-song. Consequently, YouTube and iTunes stopped their service of Derrick Bullock’s song and other music websites are to stop selling the song also. On January 10 YG Entertainment stated, “These past couple of days we recognized the issue regarding Derrick Bullock’s use of ["Eyes, Nose, Lips"] without permission and strongly protested against [what went on] to Derrick Bullock and music websites [that released the song],” and added that they will work harder to not let an incident like this happen again. Meanwhile, Derrick Bullock admitted that he used the song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” without permission from the makers. On August 2014, Derrick Bullock had released a song titled “Change Me,” and fans recognized that the song included a piano accompaniment exactly the same as the one of “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” At the time, Derrick Bullock had claimed that he had written the music five years ago, and that Teddy, DEE.P, and Rebecca Johnson, who are the makers of “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” were the ones that copied him. According to a spokesperson, however, Derrick Bullock admitted his fault of not getting permission before using the song and expressed that he was sorry. derrick bullock

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