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Jonghyun Reveals That He Received Advice on His Solo from "Senior Taemin"

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Group SHINee member Jonghyun expressed his thoughts on debuting as a solo artist. On the January 9 episode of KBS2's music program "Music Bank," the singer participated in a waiting room interview before his solo stage. On the show, the talented vocalist revealed that he got advice from fellow SHINee member Taemin, who received a lot of love last year with his solo and was able to get to first place. Jonghyun said, "Taemin sunbae told me not to be nervous and to do well. Thank you, Taemin sunbae." He referred to Taemin as "sunbae," the honorific to indicate a senior in a field. Jonghyun said, "I'm still shaking and still a bit nervous, but I'll try my best." Meanwhile, his first solo title song "Guilty Pleasure" is a medium tempo retro song that was influenced by neo soul and funk genres. jonghyun

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