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Mad Clown Achieves an All-Kill on Music Charts with “Fire”

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Mad Clown has become a blockbuster rapper after achieving an all-kill on 10 music charts with “Fire.”

His third mini album, “Piece of Mine” featuring the title song “Fire,” was released on January 9 and has quickly moved up to first place on many music charts including Melon, Mnet, Genie, Soribada, and more. His other songs which include some collaborations with Palo Alto, Joo Young, and others are also doing favorably.

“Fire” was written by Kim Do Hoon and Mad Clown; it features Jin Shil from Mad Soul Child. The catchy rap and sensual singing has contributed in making the song popular. The song sounds like a dialogue between a man who is struggling with a bad girl, but can’t seem to leave her. EXID’s Hani is also receiving attention for her part in the music video.

Featuring a narrative style and catchy hooks in every song, the talented rapper's songs are leaving a strong impression on listeners. The rapper is being praised for his unique style and diversity amongst his songs. While “Fire” discusses a difficult romantic situation, his other songs tackle societal issues affecting female office workers, people in their twenties, and population control.

While Mad Clown’s song “Fire” continues to rapidly ascend music charts, he will be busy with appearing on music programs.

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