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Bobby Kim Claims Korean Air Lied in Interview and a Passenger Testifies Bobby Kim Is Not Only One at Fault

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As Korean Air had an interview about Bobby Kim and the commotion he caused on a plane, Bobby Kim’s agency claimed that a part of Korean Air’s interview is false. Through an interview Korean Air claimed that Bobby Kim knew beforehand about the wrong ticketing, which was the cause of Bobby Kim’s anger, and that if there was any problem, “[He] should have solved it on land.” Bobby Kim’s agency responded that Bobby Kim indeed tried to “solve” the problem on land but was pressured to board the plane as he was delaying the flight. The agency pleaded, “The interview with Korean Air’s spokesperson is not true. Korean Air made a mistake in ticketing and admitted their fault. When Bobby Kim insisted ‘If it isn’t that there aren’t any available Business Class seating, change the seats for me,’ but the problem wasn’t solved. At the gate he kept on telling them about [the wrong ticketing] but the issue was still not solved and since the flight was being delayed [by him], Bobby Kim ended up saying, ‘For now I’ll sit at the Economy Class.’” Moreover, a passenger who was sitting in front of Bobby Kim on the plane testified that Bobby Kim was not the only one at fault. To the question asking whether Bobby Kim ordered wine right away when seated, the person replied, “No. There was another passenger, other than Bobby, who had a problem with the seating. But that woman was able to move from Economy Class to Business Class. Seeing this, Bobby started protesting more but nothing changed for him.” When asked about how drunk he was, the person said, “The weird thing was that when they should have stopped serving him [alcohol] they still continued on. Just looking at him he looked very drunk, but Korean Air kept serving him [more wine].” About Bobby Kim’s attitude during the flight the passenger said, “I was sitting right in front of him so heard most of the conversations but he didn’t speak [in a demanding or loud voice]. He actually asked for wine politely. If he said it in a loud voice everyone on board would have heard him.” He also said that Bobby Kim did curse loudly out of drunkenness and added, “And about that, he is definitely at fault.” When asked about whether Bobby Kim sexually harassed a flight attendant he said, “[Bobby Kim] asked [a female flight attendant] how long she was staying in San Francisco, for her phone number, and whether she had a boyfriend.” Netizens’ responses about the incident have been varying, but most seem to be seeing that both sides were at fault. Many are waiting to see whether Bobby Kim is indeed responsible for the alleged sexual harassment of a flight attendant. Source (1)

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