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"K-Pop Star 4" Contestant Nam So Hyun Proceeds with Broadcast despite Iljin Rumors

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"K-Pop Star 4" contestant Nam So Hyun's competition on the show will broadcast despite rumors of her being an iljin (school bully). A representative from "K-Pop Star 4" told Star News on January 10, "Contestant Nam So Hyun made it to the third round, and we have contacted her school regarding the rumors of her behavior. There was no issue. We are hesitant, but we will be airing her third round segment." They continued, "We talked to her school about the online post, and the school told us that she has never caused any trouble," adding, "we tried to find the person who originally posted the accusation, but since they wrote it anonymously, we cannot find them. Nam So Hyun herself did not know who wrote the piece." They also commented, "We understand that this is a sensitive issue. We hope that Nam So Hyun is not hurt any more than this." Previously, an anonymous individual posted an accusation on an online community board, claiming that Nam So Hyun has been a bully in school. Nam So Hyun is the younger sister of "K-Pop Star 3" contestant Nam Young Joo, who made it to the top 10. Source: [x] See also: K-Pop Star 4 Contestant Nam So Hyun Iljin Rumors Spread

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