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G.Soul Finally Debuting after 15 Years as JYP Trainee and Releases Teaser Video

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G.Soul, who was JYP Entertainment's trainee for 15 years, is finally debuting through a new album and music video on January 19. JYP Entertainment’s main producer, Park Jin Young, explained the upcoming album and gave reasons for the delay of G.Soul’s debut via Twitter. G.Soul was a shy sixth grader when he met Park Jin Young for the first time in 2001. According to the text on Twitter, G.Soul had a soulful voice and Park Jin Young was amazed by his talent. Although he was preparing to debut in America through Park Jin Young’s support, complications, regarding the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, canceled all plans to debut many of JYP’s rookie singers. Almost everyone aborted their projects in America and returned to Korea. Park Jin Young then added, “[But G.Soul] insisted to stay in New York alone to learn and further develop his craft.” Unshaken by Park Jin Young’s suggestion to debut in Korea, G.Soul decided to stay back and improve his talent through “mastering his music” in New York’s underground music scene. After nine years of being in America by himself, he came back to Korea with “20 songs written and produced by him.” G.soul3 Meanwhile, a teaser of G.Soul’s new song “Coming Home” was released through JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. Source (1)

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