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Hong Jin Young Addresses Rumors That She's Gotten Botox

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Hong Jin Young has cleared up the recent plastic surgery rumors surrounding her.

On the January 8 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Hope Song of Noon,” Hong Jin Young talked about her secrets for looking young and directly addressed rumors claiming that she receives botox and other injections.

DJ Kim Shin Young started off the conversation, saying, “I first saw you back in 2010, and you seem to have gotten progressively prettier since then. I thought you were a round and plump face in the past, but you’ve gotten so pretty and lost a lot of weight, too.”

“I lost weight and I grew out my bangs, which I didn’t have before,” Hong Jin Young responded. “I also really started taking better care of myself while working on TV shows, and that’s when I started to hear people telling me I looked prettier. Makeup also does wonders, too.”

The two then discussed the benefits of bangs for looking younger, with Kim Shin Young saying, “bangs can take three years off your age.” “Yes,” Hong Jin Young replied, “if you want to look younger, you have to grow out your bangs.”

Hong jin young

At that, Hong Jin Young then addressed rumors that she has had injections in order to look younger. “I’ve read a lot of comments online like ‘her face looks a bit unnatural,’” she said. “If I had some procedures, I would say so. I publicly confirmed that I had gotten my eyes and nose done before I debuted, so why would I keep things like botox or other injections a secret? I really haven’t gotten them."

“I like my food, so I’ll eat chicken feet soup before going to bed and wake up with my face all swollen,” she continued. “It usually takes until the afternoon for the swelling to go down, so if I’m filming in the morning I’ll still look a bit puffy. I’ll bet that’s where are all the rumors are coming from.”

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