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Incriminating Text Messages Allegedly Exchanged by Lee Byung Hun and Lee Ji Yeon Revealed

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Media outlet Dispatch recently revealed text messages allegedly exchanged by between model Lee Ji Yeon, who is on trial for blackmailing Lee Byung Hun with GLAM’s Dahee, and Lee Byung Hun, reviving the controversy that the actor was cheating on Lee Min Jung with the model. The conversation revealed is quite clearly suggestive of a couple. The records released indicate that Lee Byung Hun texted Lee Ji Yeon saying, “Is tomorrow going to be romantic,” and “In my head? [I’m thinking about] tomorrow, romance, and succeeding [with you].” When Lee Ji Yeon texted, “What do you want [for dinner]?” he allegedly replied, “You.” Upon the revelation of the text messages, Lee Byung Hyun's agency BH Entertainment replied that they would be taking legal action against the one-sided portrayal of false information. "We will take aggressive action against whoever released this false information prior to the upcoming sentencing," the agency said, adding that following the final verdict, the agency would have no choice but to take action against the release of false and unconfirmed reports and rumors. Meanwhile, Lee Ji Yeon’s ex-roommate added on to the weight against Lee Byung Hun, confessing through SBS’s “Morning Wide” that Lee Byung Hun came over to their house. She said, “[I wondered] why the world star [was at our home]. Why did he [come] to our room,” and added, “He seemed to be having a good time. Lee Byung Hun told us after that he had fun hanging out with us.” morning wide Currently, Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung are residing in the United States. Lee Min Jung's agency commented, “After her departure to America she has not come back and is still there with her husband.” They also added, “Because she does not have any plans in Korea her date to come back hasn't been decided yet, and we are careful not to bother her by calling her.” Source (1) (2) (3) See also: Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung Couple Photographed Enjoying Vacation in LA

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