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"The Technicians" Responds to Reports that They Neglected Actors Injured on Set

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Associates of the movie "The Technicians" have revealed that they are taken aback by the reports that they did not take care of injured actors. On January 8, Trinity Entertainment, the production company behind "The Technicians," explained to a local news network: "While four extras were on a club stage, the stage suddenly broke and they fell through. One of the actors was cut on the leg, so we transported the actor to the hospital immediately. When we asked the others how they were, they said that they were fine. We took a short break and continued to ask, 'Are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital?' but all of them replied, 'It's fine.'" They continued, "The actress that made the complaint wasn't even a formally contracted extra, but came because of the introduction from an acquaintance. She did not have an important part, so there wouldn't have been a huge problem if she hadn't participated in the shoot at all. She stayed until the afternoon even though she didn't have to, and her boyfriend even came to visit the set. It wasn't a situation nor atmosphere where we could have forced anything on her." In response to the reports calming they did not properly compensate the actress for the accident, they said, "She contacted us later and told us that she wasn’t well. We asked her to bring us a receipt, and she gave us a 2-week medical bill of 380,000 KRW (approximately $380 USD). We compensated her with that much. Then suddenly, she said through her attorney that she wanted to settle for the incident. We were very taken aback. Then when we said, 'We don't think this is a matter to settle for,' she sued us the day before the movie opened. Through investigations, we will be explaining the situation thoroughly." Earlier this day, one outlet revealed that "The Technician" producers did not compensate an extra actress for injuries during a shoot. According to that outlet, "Last April, a glass stage broke while filming in a club in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, and the main actor and three extras were hurt. However, they were not taken to hospital and were forced to continue filming for another 15 hours." They added, "The producers handled the situation poorly, and even after the shoot, they failed to call an ambulance. They didn't take responsibility for compensation either." Source (1)

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