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Lee Bo Young Donates 100 Million KRW to Seoul National University Pediatric Cancer Centre

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Actress Lee Bo Young has donated hundred million KRW (approximately $100,000 USD) to pediatric cancer patients. On January 8, a broadcast associate said, "Lee Bo Young donated 100,000,000 KRW to Seoul National University Pediatric Cancer Centre at the end of last year." This act of kindness is attracting interest as Lee Bo Young herself is expecting a child. Lee Bo Young decided on the donation for children as she expects her own one year into her marriage. This is not the first time that Lee Bo Young has donated for a good cause. In last August, she participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge with her husband Ji Sung and donated to the Seung Il Hope Foundation. In 2008, she participated in UNICEF activities and engaged in active promotions for the organization. In 2013, she gave 10,000,000 KRW ($10,000 USD) to children in Congo. Not only that, but she has done good by donating rice bouquets to those in need and participating in audio book recordings for the hearing impaired. Meanwhile, Lee Bo Young has temporarily put her acting career aside and is focusing on her pregnancy.

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