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Woman Crush Wednesday: "Liar Game's" Jamie

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To be honest, I didn't plan on revealing Jamie from "Liar Game" as our Woman Crush Wednesday so early in the game (no pun intended!), but after all the planning and consideration that went into selecting our first Man Crush Monday of 2015, which turned out to be Jang Tae San from "Two Weeks," I couldn't neglect to give the same care and attention to the first lovely woman of 2015 as well. With that in mind, I filtered through a long list in search of the perfect candidate to ring in the new year, but I guess I'm all about redemption this week since I found Jamie to be the most ideal woman to start 2015 with a bang - and the fact that she actually had a chance to play with guns only helps? Ha! I really disliked Jamie in the beginning. She lied, manipulated, and backstabbed anyone who got in her way for the sake of money. To me, it appeared greedy and selfish, even if that had been the point of Liar Game. Jamie was smug and overly confident. During those moments, I desperately wanted someone to knock her down a peg or two and that someone was usually Ha Woo Jin or Kang Do Young. But then, something changed. It's amazing what acceptance and arms wide open in welcome can do to influence another to become good and wholesome. Such is the power of Nam Da Jung, I suppose, but Jamie suddenly became a woman who held traits that are crush worthy and unique; traits that molded her into someone likeable and, before I knew it, she got me. What traits are they, you might wonder, so let's take a look at five of them together. (Spoilers ahead!)

1. Jamie is strong.

WCW_Jamie_Strong Mentally and emotionally, she's a warrior, but physically, she gives it as good as she has too. It was a very brief moment, so brief, in fact, that it may have gone completely unnoticed or minor enough to forget about, but this simple observation stayed with me throughout the entire run of "Liar Game." Ha Woo Jin was able to deduce that Jamie had been abused by a man in her past. When Bulldog was about to attack Nam Da Jung, Jamie's reaction of shoving him away while shielding Nam Da Jung with her own body was instantaneous, so passionately fearful and courageous, that it had given her situation away to our genius psychologist. To be abused and come out of it intact and to willingly subject herself to that kind of behavior again in order to protect someone else, regardless of whether or not it was a simple act, is the most significant sign of inner strength and Jamie fully portrays that.

2. She's independent.

WCW_Jamie_Independent As if inner strength wasn't already admirable enough, Jamie is also independent. She doesn't need to rely on anyone except for herself. She doesn't need anyone except herself. She builds her own connections, forges her own paths, and even when she became the notorious Betrayer X, it was a completely independent move made to benefit herself. Sometimes, it's a positive thing to know when to place yourself before others and, judging from the brief indication of her difficult past, it's certainly a beneficial thing for Jamie. Having the ability and means to rely on your own skills is definitely a crush worthy trait.

3. Jamie is intelligent.

WCW_Jamie_Intelligent If Ha Woo Jin hadn't been there to help Nam Da Jung the entire way, Jamie would likely have been the winner of Liar Game. She's smart enough to figure out solid plans to win each round and when thrown a curve ball,  it doesn't take long for her to work around it either. Had it not been for Ha Woo Jin and Kang Do Young's constant interference or manipulation because of a side game happening, in which no one was aware of, then there would have been no competition at all. Time and time again, she has proven her level of intelligence and a smart woman is an amazing type of woman to be.

4. She's cunning.

WCW_Jamie_Cunning Well, this isn't necessarily a good thing... but when Jamie is on your side, then it's an excellent quality. Sly, manipulative, and cunning, Jamie can betray in the blink of an eye, but show her loyalty and she won't turn her back on you either. She's out to protect herself; therefore, it makes perfect sense that she would behave that way towards others unless they show their usefulness, hence reason two of her independence. I still absolutely love that moment where Jamie sits on that big pile of money, fanning herself with it, and smirking at Kang Do Young with her elegant sass because she betrayed him so well, he didn't even know what hit him! Haha!

5. Jamie changes.

WCW_Jamie_Changes I'm all for positive changes and redemption, so of course Jamie would totally win me over as "Liar Game" progressed because she goes through her own developmental stages. It's actually such a shame that her past was never revealed or delved into because Jamie is really an interesting character, but I don't think she was always such a bad person full of lies and manipulation in the way that we saw her in the beginning. Because of Nam Da Jung and her team, Ha Woo Jin and Jo Dal Goo, Jamie began to shed that negative image of hers as she became kinder, more compassionate, and more considerate of others. Due to those influences, Jamie becomes a woman truly worthy of crushing on and that's exemplified by the very fact that Jo Dal Goo, who once hated her to the end of the earth and back, actually ended up developing romantic interest in her... and vice versa! (Not only is that terribly cute, but Jamie probably already has a sweet pet name for him too - pickled radish! Hehehe!) Soompiers, what did you think? Did Jamie ever manage to win you over? How crush worthy is she? Let me know in the comments below and here's the final reminder that our Mystery Reveal is next week, so make sure to get those nominations in! See you next week! [tv]See how Jamie grows in Liar Game on SoompiTV! [/tv]

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