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Will MBC's "Idol Star Athletics Championships" Return for Lunar New Year?

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Since 2010, MBC has celebrated Lunar New Year by airing its popular sports competition "Idol Star Athletics Championships." It appears, however, that the broadcast company has yet to start planning the event, raising questions about whether the annual spectacle will return to the screen this year or not. "It is still uncertain if 'Idol Star Athletics Championships' will air as a Lunar New Year's special. We have yet to decide which shows will air over the holidays, and because of that, nothing has been decided regarding the production or addition of new sports," a representative of MBC stated, denying previous claims about the show being scheduled to air in February. Earlier today, another news outlet reported that the Lunar New Year's special is expected to air during the holidays, and that the producers are even planning on adding more sports to the event. "While nothing has been decided yet, they are considering sports that are safe and fun for the idols," the report claimed. Source (1) (2)

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