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Seohyun Shares Her Thoughts on Participating In "Saturday, Saturday Is a Singer" as an S.E.S. Member

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Girls' Generation's Seohyun shared her thoughts about participating in "Saturday, Saturday Is a Singer" of "Infinity Challenge." The special, which involved famous singers of the 90's including Turbo, Kim Hyun Jung, S.E.S., Cool, Jinusean, Jo Sung Mo and more, was a big hit these past few weeks. Seohyun, who filled in for Eugene of S.E.S., said to a local news network, "Participating in 'Saturday, Saturday Is a Singer' was a huge honor and a very thankful experience." Seohyun revealed, "When Bada made the suggestion [of joining them], I thought it would be an honor to have such an experience but I thought, 'Is this a stage that I can dare set my foot on?' But at the same time, I was heavily influenced by S.E.S. and thought, 'I really don't want to miss this chance.'" Although she decided to participate in the end, it was not easy for her to go on the stage. In the midst of her domestic and international schedules, Seohyun had to spend time practicing at night and give up sleep in order to transform into S.E.S.'s Eugene. She said, "As I watched the seniors' energy-filled practices, I thought their passion was really amazing. It was also a great experience to hear from them how S.E.S.'s choreography was made, and what it was like to be a singer in the 90's." Thinking back to the "Saturday, Saturday Is a Singer" stage, Seohyun added, "It was like a dream. A lot of the songs came out when I was in kindergarten. I remember when I was young, I would put those songs on TV and sing along." To the question asking if she would participate again if she had the chance, she replied, "If I get another opportunity like this, I would participate without a moment of hesitation. I would practice a lot more to not be a burden to the seniors!" [tv]Watch the latest episode of Infinity Challenge on SoompiTV![/tv]

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