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SISTAR's Soyu and Bora to Share Their Secret to Health and Fitness Next Week on "Showtime"

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SISTAR's Bora and Soyu will be hitting the gym in next week, showing how they maintain their healthy bodies that they are famous for. On the January 8 episode of MBC Everyone's "SISTAR's Showtime," a scene where Soyu visits her health club will air. As is expected from the representative healthy-beauty idol, she works out using a variety of health equipment comfortably. In particular, Soyu attracted attention for completing difficult ab and lower body exercises on her own with perfect form. On the episode, Bora shows that she is also a work-out veteran. Even though she doesn't normally do weights as part of her exercise routine, with Soyu's one-on-one coaching, she is able to do challenging exercises with ease. The two girls discuss the difficulties of maintaining their figure over salad after the high-intensity exercise, and they choose 'becoming picky with food' as the worst side effect of dieting. Because they had to constantly watch what they ate since their trainee days, they now don't even want to look at chicken breast or bananas. It is a glimpse at Sistar's tremendous efforts in maintaining their beautiful figures. Soyu and Bora's figure-maintaining secrets will be revealed on January 8 at 6 P.M. KST on the first episode of "SISTAR's Showtime."

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