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Kim Jaejoong Describes Filming Kiss Scenes with Go Sung Hee in “Spy”

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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong described his co-star Go Sung Hee as an actress who leaves a lasting impression. On January 6, Kim Jaejoong attended the press conference for the upcoming drama “Spy.” A reporter asked him to compare the various kiss scenes he’s filmed over the years. He answered, “There’s no specific comparison that comes to mind, but the picture and feel of the scene changes greatly depending on the actress I’m filming with.” He shared his thoughts on kiss scenes with his current co-star, Go Sung Hee, saying “With Go Sung Hee, we’re very natural together and there’s some sort of emotion [present between us]. Whether we have a kiss scene or we have to hold hands, she leaves an impression that lasts long after the scene is over. I’m looking forward to kiss scenes.” In “Spy,” Kim Jaejoong plays Kim Sun Woo, a genius analyst for the NIS. Bae Jong Ok plays his mother Park Hae Rim, an ex-spy from North Korea. Go Sung Hee plas Lee Yoon Jin, his romantic interest. “Spy” tells the story of a North Korean ex-spy who now lives an ordinary life as a housewife but is given orders to bring in her son, who is a spy for South Korea. The first episode will air on January 9.

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