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Communication: "Dad! Where Are We Going?" Episode 102

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We have finally arrived at the last week of the international trips. Yoon Min Soo, Yoon Hoo, Ahn Jung Hwan, and Ahn Ri Hwan have already wrapped up their trip to Canada. The other families' trips  are also coming to an end.


After visiting Taiwan 101, Kim Sung Joo and Kim Min Yool gift the viewers with two delicious looking meals before they head back home. For dinner, they've apparently almost run out of money, so they make do with instant Korean foods... which actually looks really good. (Or is that just me?) DWAWG 010415 2DWAWG 010415 3 The next morning, the two need to grab breakfast outside. While most restaurants are closed early in the morning, they luckily stumble upon a dumpling place. Despite his morning grouchiness, Min Yool enjoys the dumpling soup very much - as does his father. DWAWG 010415 5 Their final stop in Taiwan is Mengjia Longshan Temple. There, they make wishes for each other, ending their trip on a heartwarming note. DWAWG 010415 7


Sung Dong Il and Sung Bin are walking the cute streets of Japan, buying sweet potatoes from a street vendor in a cat costume and grinding their own coffee beans at a cafe. (And then they drink their coffee with red beans, which is super interesting!) DWAWG 010415 8 This family's final stop in Japan is  a hot spring located in the middle of a lake. They soak their feet in warm water while looking at the view both out and above. While they fought many times during their trip, they end their final day in Japan with a meaningful talk and father-daughter feet wash. DWAWG 010415 10DWAWG 010415 9

The Philippines

First thing in the morning, the two families split ways for the rest of their trips.

The Lim Family

Ryu Jin and Lim Chan Hyung head straightaway to their place for the night, except they gather a (cute) following on the way. DWAWG 010415 1 Thanks to the students, they get to their housing without any trouble. Later that night, after a delicious meal, the children at the house and Ryu Jin have a little "guitar-off." Ryu Jin surprises with (the captions claim) a win. DWAWG 010415 13 As they turn in for their last night in Batanes, Chan Hyung answers Ryu Jin's question that of course he wants to travel with his dad forever. Cue "awwwww!" DWAWG 010415 14

The Jung Family

On the other hand, Jung Woong In and Jung Se Yoon run into trouble right away; the museum they were planning on visiting is still under construction. Se Yoon wants to go swimming in the ocean instead. Woong In, being the thoughtful father he is, brings her straight to a beach with calmer waves. DWAWG 010415 4DWAWG 010415 6 Everything seems to be going well, but the weather is not on their side. It starts raining, so the two decide to head to their home for the night. Then, the weather also turns windy and Se Yoon's long hair is everywhere. In the end, Woong In says things he doesn't mean and Se Yoon is upset - and we don't see Se Yoon being upset very often! However, after a heart-to-heart, Woong In cheers his daughter up with a motorcycle ride. DWAWG 010415 11 When they get back, Se Yoon becomes fast friends with the children at the house they're staying at. They all have a wonderful dinner together, where Woong In tries to be the ambassador to Korea. Having half succeeded, the Jung family ends their trip with new friends who might love Korea a little more. DWAWG 010415 12 As the next episode is the beginning of Season 2's final trip, I just wanted to point out that "Dad! Where Are We Going?" has been incredibly helpful in all of these father-child relationships. This episode really seemed to highlight that, as all of the families overcame a fight or argument in today's episode (except Chan Hyung, who fell in love with Batanes so nothing else mattered). The direction of the show tried to highlight the importance of communication between parents and children - how, rather than fighting without reason, talking out problems is much more effective and fruitful for growth. I end this recap on this note of relationship growth, as I predict Season 2 will in the upcoming weeks. [tv]Watch Dad! Where Are We Going? on SoompiTV![/tv]

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