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Baek Jin Hee and Park Seo Joon Have Reportedly Been Dating for Two Years

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According to an exclusive report by Sports Donga, another star couple has been revealed, though we are only a few days into 2015. The report states that actor Park Seo Joon (27) and Baek Jin Hee (25) have been dating for the past two years. Though they had denied the dating rumors that surfaced last year, it has been revealed that they have been maintaining an intimate relationship, contrary to the public statements they had made in the past. Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee first met each other in the 2013 MBC drama “Pots of Gold,” as a young and immature married couple, and continued their relationship from there. According to a media representative, on January 5, the two have already been dating for two years. When the scandal between the came out last July, their managing agencies had denied their relationship by saying they were only close friends. According to another media representative, Park Seo Joon and Baek Jin Hee did not want the public to know they were dating because their careers had just started to gain attention. They decided that revealing their relationship would only become a burden to their acting career, especially when they were just receiving the spotlight from the drama. However, despite their agencies’ denial, the two caught the eyes of viewers by wearing identical couple rings and sharing pictures of wearing jackets from the same brand on social media. Park Seo Joon even moved to Geumhodong, Seoul, where Baek Jin Hee lives. This only made it easier for the two to develop their relationship. According to the eyewitness accounts of neighbors, the two openly revealed their intimate status by talking walks around the neighborhood or having dates in a car. Although the couple does not seem to be conscious of the public eye, their agencies are very weary of the situation. A representative from Snow Boll Entertainment, Baek Jin Hee’s managing agency, said, “It is not easy for an actress to reveal her relationship if the two aren’t ready to marry.” Park Seo Joon will be playing the role of Hwang Jung Eum’s twin brother in the MBC drama “Kill Me Heal Me,” which will first air on January 7, and Baek Jin Hee is currently starring in the MBC drama, “Pride and Prejudice.” Update on January 6 12:21 p.m. KST: Agencies of both stars have stepped forward to deny reports of them being in a relationship. Source (1)

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