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Part 2: Songs You Should Have Listened to in 2014 (But Probably Didn't)

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These days, the average, popular K-pop video reaches 3 to 5 million views within the first few months. For the heavy-hitters of K-pop like BIGBANG, Super Junior, and Girls' Generation, the views quickly reach 10 million views on their official channels. While some of the songs on this list are from popular artists, their videos didn't do very well in terms of MV views. Other songs on the list didn't even reach 100,000 views. Choosing a mixture of both well-known and lesser-known artists, we tried to listen to your opinions while putting together part 2 of "Songs You Should Have Listened to in 2014 (But Probably Didn't)." SPICA- Ghost If you read articles I write, you have probably noticed the fact that I like SPICA and think they are one of the most underrated groups in K-pop. "Ghost" is one of their most beautiful songs, telling how our past loves can haunt us. Their voices get stronger as the song progresses, bringing out the hurt and emotion of the lyrics. Wheesung - NIGHT AND DAY Wheesung is a name a lot of people know, but it's hard for them to name one of his songs. Another underrated talent, this song shows us why he should be appreciated. It starts off with a softer vibe but gets stronger in the chorus, showing us the contrast of night and day to reinforce the lyrics. Boys Republic- Dress Up While Boys Republic tends to get lost among the many boy bands of K-pop, this song is fresh and fun!  With an ubpeat and catchy melody, the song shows us that the group is able to hold their own against more popular boy bands. The video also features a really cute story of the guys hanging out and having fun with an unpopular girl, then helping her with a makeover to avoid being made fun of by others. JUNGGIGO ft. Beenzino - Want If I were asked how to describe this song, I would say the style lies somewhere between Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. With a definite Western vibe that is both cool and catchy, this is one of my favorite songs on the list. The rap feature by Beenzino still gives it a K-pop feel, while the song still remains fresh and different. Song Ji Eun- Twenty-Five While watching this video, I didn't realize that Song Ji Eun was Jieun from the group Secret. All I knew was that she was incredibly pretty and an amazing artist as well. This song shows off both her singing and rap skills and gives us a catchy, girl-power song that would be great to listen to in the car. BTS- Danger Mo-Blue-Mix ft. THANH If you are not a big BTS fan, chances are that you haven't heard this soulful remix of their hit song "Danger." While the original has over 8 million views, this slower remix has only slightly over 900,000. While it can't compare to the original in many ways, it has it's own  simmering, sexy vibe that lets the melody really shine. As the song progresses, it just gets better and lets the anger of the lyrics really pop. Hyorin and Joo Young ft. Iron - Erase While this song wasn't a flop by any means, the MV views can't begin to compare with the views in 2014 for Hyorin's group, SISTAR. Hands down, this is my favorite song on the list and never gets old. The mix of Hyorin and Joo Young's voices are really pleasing, while the song is both sensual and sad.

Crush- Sofa I actually had another one of Crush's songs picked out for this list, but a reader brought this one to my attention. It has a great mix of pop and R&B, showing off the vocals and letting the purity of the melody take center-stage. It's a perfect song to listen to at night and evokes a sensual, city vibe. 4TEN- Tornado At first, this song may make you think of every other girls group out there in the world of K-pop. However, I was totally in love with it by the time the 1st chorus finished. It has a heavy pop sound that makes me think of Katy Perry's song, "Fireworks." The strength of the rapper really gives it that K-pop vibe though and assures me it's still from the genre we all know and love. LU:KUS - So Into You This song and MV have all the things I love about K-pop- a group of really cute and talented guys, a catchy, electro beat, powerful dance moves, visually-pleasing costumes, a solid verse and a chorus that gets into your head for days. Enough said. Now, go watch this video! Kim Hyung Jun ft. Baby J - Better If you have been in K-pop for a while, chances are that SS501 is the group that first introduced you to the K-pop genre. Although the group is currently on hiatus, the members have continued singing as solo artists. This song is low-key with a sexy beat, keeping the vocals by SS501's maknae the main focus. In addition to the vocals however, can we get a moment of silence for how ageless and beautiful Kim Hyung Jun looks in this MV? J-Min - Hoo This incredibly talented singer is virtually unknown for an artist in SM Entertainment. The company tends to make Japanese activities the focus of her career, while letting her sing primarily in OST's in Korea. The purity of her voice really shines on ballads, which makes it perfect for this song. Also noteworthy is her 2014 pop-rock song "Shine," which comes off her 1st mini-album in Korea. UNIQ- Falling in Love I  haven't been this excited about a rookie group in a long time! This song has a quality from the classic days of K-pop that I love. With solid vocals on the verse and chorus and great rap skills as well, I feel like this song would be really well-known by now if it had been recorded by an established boy band. This song makes me really look forward to UNIQ's future. 15& - Shy Ma Boy  Who needs expensive music videos, fancy choreography, outrageous outfits and a heavy production sound? Evidently, not 15& because their voices make this song shine in a really special way! One of the up and coming vocal groups in K-pop, these girls don't need cutesy aegyo tactics to make them stand out- they just sing and you listen! TEEN TOP - I'm Sorry Even when taking the recent release date into consideration, this song by TEEN TOP has a lot less MV views compared to the rest of their songs. Despite having less than 700,000 views on their official channel though, it is one of my favorite songs by TEEN TOP. With a great tune, easy lyrics and a laid-back SoCal vibe, I love singing along with this song as I'm driving. Untitled The list of "Songs You Should Have Listened to in 2014 (but Probably Didn't)" could truly be endless! However, we hope you have enjoyed both part 1 and part 2 of this list. If you want any more song suggestions, try listening to all of the bonus songs listed on the left- they are all really great songs too! Did we forget any other songs that should have been included? If so, leave us a comment below! lee1086 is a Soompi writer who lives for music, playing the piano, Super Junior, and Eunsihae. She is also a fan of 3rd Wave Music, BIGBANG, EXO and more. When she is not watching the latest K-Drama or obsessing over the perfection of Lee Donghae, she is busy at church or hanging out with her family and friends.

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