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Highlights: "We Got Married" Ep. 253 - 200 Days, Skinship, & Precious Moments

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We are back for another "We Got Married" highlights! Two of our couples are still out of the country, but one is back home in the motherland. Our adorable couple, Hong Jong Hyun and Yura, returned to Korea from Bali and celebrated their 200 days anniversary. Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young continued their luxury and eating tour in Macao, but with much more skinship. Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun continued their special honeymoon in Turkey.

1) 200 Days

jy1jy2 After spending quality time in the beautiful, tropical Bali, Jong Hyun and Yura came back to their cold rooftop house in Korea. As the two sat there in their chilly house, Yura finally asked the question that overwhelms most husbands. She asked, "Do you know what today is?" Jong Hyun couldn't figure it out or maybe that's what he wanted us to think. Yura revealed in the interview that it has been 200 days since they met! Time sure does go by fast. Since Jong Hyun helped her celebrate her birthday and their 100th day together, she wanted to prepare something special for him on their 200th day. So she prepared a very special gift for her husband. She picked out couple tennis shoes for them and she explained that she had a hard time deciding which pair would be the best for them. She presented him with her handwritten card and said that she had one more gift. She gave him "Ah-Young Coupons," and she squealed while giving it to him because she held a ribbon around herself as if she was the gift. Jong Hyun couldn't help but laugh and smile. jy3jy4jy5jy6jy7jy8 Jong Hyun revealed in his interview that he was really thankful, but he also felt bad. Celebrating 200 days of being together is something they were supposed to do as a couple, but because he was really busy and sick, he couldn't prepare anything. But he expressed his gratitude towards his wife, who prepared a lot. The part that made everyone laugh out loud was after he said his thanks to Yura, he called himself a "reaction beggar," implying how he sucks at giving good reactions. Koreans usually say that if you give someone shoes as a gift, they will run away, so most people don't give shoes as gifts. But I don't think this couple will need to worry about it. Yura even said that this is something that won't happen! Yura was on a roll today! She even prepared his favorite pecan pie to celebrate. jy10 Yura asked another question that tends to make guys go crazy. Yura asked Jong Hyun if it looked like she gained weight. He was hesitant, but he answered in the most honest way possible. Whoops, wrong move! He just got himself into a deeper hole. After she said that she doesn't know how much weight she gained and she was just a bit swollen, he said, "Then you didn't gain that much." Yura quickly responded, "Then why did you say I gained weight?" [caption id="attachment_687577" align="aligncenter" width="900"]jy11 Eric Nam's face says it all...[/caption] jy12 They ended their celebration by opening gifts sent from their fans. Their fans prepared a cake for them, shoes, treats, cards, and cute photo books and calendars. What dedication their fans have. They watched the snow fall down from the sky and played together outside in the snow. jy13jy14jy15jy16jy17jy19

2) More Food and More Skinship

[caption id="attachment_687611" align="aligncenter" width="900"]mj1 Eric is super excited![/caption] After sharing an intimate kiss under the bridge, the couple continued on to their "meokbang" (eating) tour. They ate everything from ice cream, almond cookies, jerky, healthy drinks, Macao burgers, and egg custards. They were so full and stuffed, but I think they survived it by taking lots of selfies with each other. I can't imagine eating that much. Later they moved on with their tour, but on the back of a bicycle taxi. They sat extremely close together and shared some sweet skinship, as they fed each other. The audience squealed as they leaned in for what looked like a kiss, but what eventually turned into Min touching Jin Young's nose with his. This was still adorable. mj2mj3mj5 [caption id="attachment_687617" align="aligncenter" width="900"]mj4 This man is literally like, "Get a room..."[/caption] mj6mj7mj10mj8mj9 Jin Young mentioned that the last place they visited was the place where they did the poster shoot for the movie, "The Thieves." Right after she said that, Min just takes off his coat and reveals his flowery shirt and shades. They strutted down the streets of Macao as if it were a runway, and shared some intimate hugs. They tried walking down the streets, but they were so full and stuffed, that it was a struggle. mj11mj12 They ended their tour with a nice spa treatment, which included getting their feet washed and a nice back massage. The cute couple had a couple massage and Jin Young had this fantasy of holding her husband's hand while getting the treatment, but she said being clothed or unclothed makes a huge difference. She kept making weird noises while getting the massage, so Min told her to control her sounds. I don't know if I can handle this couple anymore. Their cheesiness is not like Jae Rim's cheesiness. Their conversations with each other just make me cringe sometimes, but I can't help but like them.  Jin Young went to the bathroom and switched with the masseuse to give her husband the massage. Well, it was more like a hardcore rub and tickle, you could say. I feel like the intensity of this couple is growing more and more each week! mj13mj15 [caption id="attachment_687637" align="aligncenter" width="900"]mj14 Eric is either disgusted or squealing inside...[/caption] mj16

3) Precious Moments in Turkey

js7 Jae Rim and So Eun had their own little food tour as they visited a street that was filled with different food booths. They started off with ice cream and ended up eating a baked potato with butter, cheese, sausage, and more. It looked really good. I've noticed that Jae Rim is a really considerate guy. Two cats approached the couple and Jae Rim wanted to give them a piece of sausage, but So Eun said it would be too spicy. So he sucked on the sausage until all the sauce was gone and tossed it to the cats. How sweet! js1js3js4js5js6 They ended their night at a romantic restaurant with an epic view of the dock and water. More gift giving today! So Eun said she knew that she was the one who selected Turkey and that Jae Rim was tired, but that she was sorry and thankful to him. So Eun prepared a gift for Jae Rim and this too was in an envelope. Jae Rim opened it and was speechless because in it, he found hand made coupons. But these weren't just any coupons. So Eun made coupons for skydiving, bungee jumping, riding the "Viking," riding a hot air balloon, holding in anger, and one day with "Submissive Miss Kim." This is too funny! It's all the things that she enjoys, but I think she genuinely wanted to enjoy those activities together. He simply sat there and chugged down his Turkish beer. But in the interview, he said that if it was what his wife wanted, he would do it. She then went to the "bathroom" and came back with a cake to celebrate their wedding, but she knew that her husband wouldn't be satisfied with the coupons. She prepared a couple perfume set with a hand written letter because Jae Rim really likes perfume, proving to be a really sweet wife. js8js9js10js11 From Istanbul, they went on to Pamukkale, Turkey. This is where all the ladies will swoon and squeal! I know I was. They visited the ancient city, Hierapolis and it was in this city, where Jae Rim did the sweetest thing. They walked hand in hand the entire time, went to this enormous colosseum and took individual pictures. After Jae Rim went down several steps and So Eun took his picture, he told her to sit there on the step. He took out a big sketchbook that included all of their pictures, including the moment they first met. As he opened it and flipped through the book, he started singing Cho Kyu Man's "I'll Give You Everything," while standing in the colosseum. This makes me squeal inside every time I watch it. But at the end, instead of singing "I'll give you everything," he sang, "I'll give you more..." Jae Rim called it a love serenade and So Eun was really touched by it. They ended it with such a cute hug and Jae Rim explained that he personally picked out all the photos included. In her interview, So Eun said that he is the kind of guy she has longed for and someone who has touched her heart with gestures of love. I seriously love this couple so much, can you tell? js14js15js16js17js19js21 For those of you who love Jae Rim, here is an extra photo just to make your day! js12 If you've watched this week's episode, comment below and tell me which precious moment was your favorite! bubblybribri is a Soompi feature writer who hopes to find a guy who can serenade her like Song Jae Rim. You can follow her on Twitter and ask her any of your questions about anything Korean entertainment! [tv]You can watch their Song Jae Rim's love serenade on the latest episode of  "We Got Married" on SoompiTV![/tv]

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