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Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - January Week 1

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With a few shows only airing a single episode during New Year's week, we thought we'd end up with a top 5. Fortunately, our favorite dramas stepped up their game. 1. "Healer": Rooftop kiss in the snow

We honestly don't remember details of what happened in the plot of "Healer" this past week. We were too busy watching that rooftop kiss ... over and over and over.

2. "Pinocchio": Not giving you up

Though they tried hard to get over each other, their feelings stayed the same. Showing that they couldn't give up on the other, In Ha and Dal Po ended episode 15 with a makeup kiss, turning us into a drooling, speechless, giddy mess. What a way to start the new year for K-drama lovers!


3. "The Legendary Witch": It's in her hug

After receiving a call that Woo Suk has been in a plane accident, Soo In frantically searches for him in the emergency room. She mistakenly believes he is a fully bandaged and terribly injured patient. Unable to hold back her sadness, she voices her regret over rebuffing his confession and reveals how much she actually loves him.

We hope Woo Suk heard all this when he called out to her, letting her know she had the wrong guy. Even if he didn't, we guess he'll get the message through her impassioned embrace.

4. "Punch": Not so fast

The best part about having an antihero such as Jung Hwan is watching him beat the villains to the punch. So, we loved it that just as evil Lee Tae Joon thought he'd set Minister Yoon Ji Sook up to resign her position, Jung Hwan swooped in and rewrote the script, turning her into a hero. We can't wait to see how he's going to rid the prosecution of its deeply entrenched corruption.

5. "Healer": Catch you in your sleep

So, the OTP's kiss didn't completely daze us from forgetting some of the recent developments on the show. We do remember this precious moment!

On the car ride to interview Yeon Hee, a victim of a sex ring scandal, Young Shin falls asleep, exhausting herself from complaining about her sunbae, Moon Ho. As she begins to lean to one side, our Healer gently holds her head up with one hand all through his drive to her house.

He's usually in control of his actions, but Healer's burgeoning feelings for Young Shin is making him a reckless romantic, and we want more!

6. "Birth of a Beauty": The truth sets us free

One thing that's definitely lacking in this rom-com/makjang mash-up is amnesia. It's not for any particular character, but for the viewers to forget what's happened in the last four episodes. There's nothing more frustrating than watching characters regress and get dumb just to create contrivances to keep the couple apart. So, it was a relief that Sara finally claimed back her power and revealed to the world that she wasn't who she appeared to be. Now, her enemies will need to find something else with which to threaten her.

7. "The King's Face": A real hero

Realizing that the Japanese army would be arriving earlier than expected, Kwang Hae had to think of a way to hold the army back while his people escaped. Resorting to barricading the Japanese army's way, he set off explosions with the aid of his legion of less than fifty men.

Kwang Hae is a true leader in a time of crisis. Although his father cowardly fled, Crown Prince Kwang Hae used his power to help his people and ensure the future of Joseon.


8. "Valid Love": Don't go

Before Il Ri married Hee Tae, she and his sister, Hee Soo, were strangers, but now, they have developed a sisterhood that goes beyond blood relation.

After Il Ri's affair, Hee Soo knows she should be the first to drag her sister-in-law out by her hair; however, Il Ri's possible departure saddens her. She silently but fervently pleads with Il Ri to beg her brother for forgiveness, even promising to be less of a burden to her.

Their sorrow reminds us how tight knit strangers can become, but also how fragile and precious the connection is. We hope things will work out for them.

9. "Rosy Lovers": Hide and seek

The relationship between Cha Dol and his lovely daughter, Cho Rong, is still the best thing about this weekend drama. We keep hoping they show more of them together and less of Cho Rong spending time with the woman who abandoned her, Jang Mi.

In a recent episode, Cho Rong plays hide and seek with her Daddy and hides herself inside the coat of Yeon Hwa, the woman we think might be Cha Dol's real birth mother. If we're right, that would make her Cho Rong's grandma. Adorable!


10. "Sweden Laundry": Not backing down

A P.O.R. (pervert on the run) had been terrorizing women in the neighborhood, groping them and bragging about it online. Though Bom was one of the victims, she remained unfazed, but a fellow victim, a school girl, was shattered by the experience that she wanted to quit school and completely shut herself in. However, when Bom promised to catch the predator, she regained courage; ultimately, she felt empowered, especially when she helped with the criminal's capture.

We are proud of Bom for helping the impressionable young girl to restore her self-esteem and happiness, but we also enjoyed watching Soo Chul dress up like a school girl to catch the pervert. LOL.

That's all for this top 10! Please share your thoughts, and join us again next week for a new batch of favorites!

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