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Hyorin Will Reveal Her House for the First Time on "SISTAR's Showtime"

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SISTAR’s Hyorin revealed her house for the first time since her debut. Through MBC Every1’s “SISTAR’s Showtime,” which will first air on January 8, everything about Hyorin’s house and daily life that fans have been curious of will be revealed. Hyorin’s house resembled the prairies of Serengeti. As a person who once dreamed of becoming a zookeeper due to her love of animals, her living room walls were covered with cat stickers. Animal cushions and dolls that decked the shelves and sofa made it seem as if one were in animal heaven. However, Hyorin’s love for animals did not stop with her interior designs. She also revealed the three cats she is currently living with. One of the cats was originally a stray before she had brought him into her home with love and care. Hyorin said she spends most of her time with her cats, which are also a part of her family, often calling them son or covering them with kisses. Other than her animal filled life, the show will reveal that she spends her time like any other woman in her 20s, sometimes just laying on the floor or taking the garbage bag out while leaving. “SISTAR’s Showtime” is a reality program that will display sides of Hyorin, other than her charismatic stance on stage, through her daily life.

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