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"Superman Returns" Dae Han Feeds His Siblings and His Dad

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Dae Han turned into a mother bird, feeding his brothers. On the January 4 episode of "Superman Returns," the Song triplets had their father Song Il Gook give up his diet with their eating. While on a trip to Japan, Song Il Gook and the triplets went to a dumpling restaurant for dinner. At first, Song Il Gook just looked on while the triplets ate because of his diet, but when Dae Han asked him to eat the dumplings, he gave up his diet and ate the dumplings. Following that, as they were having chocolate for dessert, the chocolates were set out in front of Dae Han. He showed the close relationship between the triplets by feeding Min Gook pieces of the chocolate, then Man Se. Dae Han then went on to feed his father as well as if he were a mother bird feeding her young, showing his kind propensity.

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