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Viet Music // Christmas Songs


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Who's in at the moment?
Hey... I was just wondering who listens to Viet music and where do you get yours? Also, can you guys list everyone who's popular. I want to make something for my mom and she's been asking me to for a while, so it would be nice for any help.

I would search for it myself but I can't read Viet, and I can't speak it so I wouldn't know where to begin. Are there sites out there dedicated to it? Thanks a lot.

EDIT: 16 November 2006

So I want to make my mom a Christmas CD; are there any Christmas carols sung in Vietnamese that you guys know of??

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I don't really know, no rap or rock or something loud like that. My mom likes upbeat music but she also likes those classical like songs. I told her to write me a list of artists but she wouldn't. So I have no idea. She generally prefers guys singing. Thanks for those sites, I'll check them out now.

I don't know how to read viet, do you know of any sites/forums like soompi where they have Viet music but speak in english? lol

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