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"We Got Married" Yura and Hong Jong Hyun Celebrate Their 200th Day Anniversary

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Virtual couple Hong Jong Hyun and Girl's Day's Yura celebrated their 200th day anniversary on the January 3 broadcast of MBC's "We Got Married." To make their celebration memorable, Yura had prepared small but thoughtful gifts for her husband. She first surprised Hong Jong Hyun by handing him a pair of sneakers that she had personally picked out, and made the husband laugh by saying in a cute manner, "For us, there is no such thing as running away in these shoes. Got it?" Next, Yura whipped out an envelope and took out a special coupon called 'Ahyoung Coupon,' which her husband could use to ask her to do anything he wants. Yura also handed him a handwritten card in which she thanked her husband for the past 200 days. Upon seeing how much effort his wife had put into preparing the gifts, Hong Jong Hyun could not help but smile. The surprises did not end there. Finally, Yura surprised Hong Jong Hyun by gifting him a pecan pie, which happens to be one of his favorite desserts. The actor said, "Not many people know that I like this," and appeared moved by Yura's efforts. During an interview with the producers, Hong Jong Hyun revealed he was unable to prepare any gifts for Yura due to problems with his health. He said, "I feel sorry for Yura. I was also touched by Yura and her way of paying attention to every detail and taking care of me with utmost sincerity," and expressed his appreciation for his wife's kindness. [tv]Watch We Got Married on SoompiTV![/tv] yura hong jong hyun

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